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Films/Major Productions

This page will display our major releases, along with previews of future content coming soon!

You can watch our free content on our "Videos" page, link below:

Available now

Lucky Catch Extended Cut Comp_Moment.jpg
Lucky Catch Extended Cut Comp_Moment.jpg
Lucky Catch Ad.png

"A night in the life of a Hunter making her way through the dangerous Mistwoods doing what she must to survive, with the help of one of the forest's Fae denizens..."

Available Now on Patreon and Gumroad

OR, if you can prove you've made a donation to our Ko-Fi equal to the prices listed below, we'll email you links to the Film in either Standard (8 minutes) or Extended (20 minutes) cuts respectively.

$8 = Standard Edition

$15 = Extended Edition

"Lucky Catch" New Fantasy Film

Upcoming Productions


Live-Action Feature

Our next feature production, starring two new models we know you'll love. Principal shooting is complete as of now, but we're still left with the lengthy post-production process which will include another shooting day with our "tiny" actress on our green screen stage.

Won't say much yet, but I can share that the story focuses on a special moment of intimacy between two close friends, the more adventurous of the two offering to let her shy companion live out one of her oddest fantasies...

Coming this summer.

What Are Friends For Visual Rough Cut Co

Cat & Mouse

Game Project

This project has been in the works for some time. Starting as a standard audio scene featuring Voice Vixxxen, we decided to push the concept into an animatic, and THEN into a fully-fledged interactive novel/game.

Right now, there's one chapter in the works, and once that's complete, we'll see how it's received and figure whether it makes sense to continue with new storylines and chapters.

1 test Render 3.27.22.png

Final Fantasy VII AU

High_Demand_FULL - Copy.png

Episodes 3-5

If you haven't noticed, we've gone out of our way to show the girls of FF7 plenty of love. We intend to keep this going, and have a number of new episodes in our Mini-Materia AU in the works, including some potential for complementary commissions along the way.

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