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Custom Commission Services

We owe our existence to the collaborative process. This applies to the work we put into our commissions as well as our original videos, since our production line requires bringing in any number of outside models, writers, artists, animators, producers, and many more.

Because of this, it's difficult to quantify the cost of our commissions. For us, accepting a custom is inviting an outside producer (You) to help us create an idea we all want to see made manifest. In this light, we ask that you prepare a cohesive, thought-out pitch for whatever idea you wish to present to us. Once you're confident of your pitch, please use the submission form below to start the collaboration process!

Custom Order Submission Form

Enter your information and pitch your commission idea(s) to us in a professional manner. Keep in mind that we don't accept ALL custom requests, we only negotiate with customers making serious offers, and we pick the ideas that suit the studios interests with individuals who seem the best suited for open-minded cooperation. Our customs are a collaboration between our studio and the commissioner, so be prepared for elements of your idea to be changed or adapted if accepted. All custom orders require a 50% downpayment after the price is agreed upon, and full payment once the product is complete. ALL customs are eligible for public release, unless the content is deemed inappropriate for general audiences.

Thanks for submitting! If we like your idea, you'll receive a response from us soon

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